What Should You Know While Using Alternator?


The alternator is widely used in automobiles.

It is the main power source of the truck,the function of it is to supply power to all the electric equipment except the starter,while the diesel engine is running normally, and charge the battery at the same time.While using you should be noted for the following points:

1. you must frequently clean the scale and dust on the exterior of the generator, keeping it clean and well ventilated.

2. you must frequently check the fastening of the fasteners associated with the generator and tighten the screws in time.

3.you must keep the tension of the drive belt be appropriate. Too loose, easy to slip and cause insufficient power generation; too tight, easy to damage the belt and generator bearings.

4. you must install the right battery,usually, the positive line is installed first, iron wire no need to  install,or the diode is easily burned out.

5.When the integrated circuit regulator is used, the ignition switch should be turned off immediately when the engine is not running.

6.When the alternator has a fault and does not generate electricity, it should be eliminated in time, or e it will cause more serious faults.

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