How much will the oil price rise to consider new e


At 24 o'clock on February 14th, a new round of refined oil price adjustment window was opened. The details of this oil price adjustment are as follows: No. 89 gasoline rose 0.04 yuan / liter, 92 gasoline increased 0.04 yuan / liter, and 95 gasoline increased 0.04 yuan / liter. , No. 0 diesel rose 0.04 yuan / liter, according to the general household car fuel tank 50L capacity, plus a box of 92 gasoline will spend 2 yuan more. Since the New Year's Day of 2019, domestic oil prices have shown a "open door", and the three price adjustments have all risen. Taking the 92nd gasoline as an example, the three price adjustments have increased by 0.32 yuan/liter.

Although "can afford to buy a car, can not afford oil" is somewhat exaggerated, but the current oil price rises and falls and has already approached the 7 yuan mark, directly affecting the cost of car use. We don't care about the reasons for the increase in oil prices, nor are we able to control them, but the situation of rising oil prices is embarrassing. With you, how much will the oil price rise to consider new energy vehicles?
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