The common sense of highway regulations is unrecog


There are still two days, the birthday of our motherland is coming. For the 7-day Golden Week holiday, according to the law, everyone will seize this opportunity to go out and have a good time, either by driving back to their hometown or choosing a short-distance self-driving tour. Relax yourself, so during the National Day, the highway is always the most blocked place, because there is no charge.

        However, the expressway is also the place with the strictest traffic rules. Often, one does not pay attention, and 6 or 12 points are gone. Some owners who do not pay attention to traffic safety may even have life safety risks.

        Because I also often go high speed, I reminded everyone on the highway before the National Day what must be paid attention to.

First, the internship period can not be alone on the high-speed, accompanied by more than three years of driving age owners, many people do not pay attention, but once the internship period alone in the high-speed accident, the traffic police must be fine, insurance is not to pay claims.
Secondly, if the emergency lane is photographed or reported, it will face a penalty of 6 points and a fine of 200 yuan. Especially during the National Day, some car owners often rush from the emergency lane, but once they hinder medical treatment and emergency rescue, etc. Official duties will be severely punished, so don't be lucky.
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