Dongfeng Nissan's 2019 Loulan listing price is 23.


On July 27, Dongfeng Nissan's 2019 Lou Lan Huan new listing, priced at 23.88-37.58 million. As the pioneer and leader of the running model SUV, Dongfeng Nissan Loulan has become the leader of the Big Five SUV with its leading Zhixing technology, the leading sports car model, high-quality comfort space and luxurious and balanced configuration. The 2019 Loulan is committed to technology upgrades, introducing the unique intelligent interconnection technology of the same level, and expanding the use of intelligent security configuration and convenience functions on the main-level models, which is one of the most intelligent medium and large SUVs in its class. As a cutting-edge cutting-edge technology, NISSAN INTELLIGENT MOBILITY creates smarter, greener, more exciting travel modes and car life for consumers through smart driving, smart power and smart internet. Relying on this advanced technology, 2019 Loulan realized further technological evolution and upgrade. In terms of smart interconnection, 2019 Loulan introduces Dongfeng Nissan's newly released “Zhihang+” car association system, which can realize intelligent voice control, vehicle full-time navigation, remote real-time monitoring, 24-hour free entertainment, car Wi-Fi hotspot, and no traffic. Worry and many other cutting-edge Zhilian applications lead the car intelligent interactive life.

Among them, through intelligent language control technology, users can easily activate more than 200 kinds of in-vehicle scene function applications including intelligent navigation, entertainment, weather, communication, etc. At the same time, they can intelligently recognize nearly 1000 kinds of daily sentences, freeing hands and relaxing. Realize the interaction between people and vehicles.
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